Sponsorship Matching Opportunity (SMO)


The Women & Youth Empowerment Trust is focused on making a significant difference in education and employability of women and youth that has historically been left out of the equation.

As The Women & Youth Empowerment Trust, we want to positively impact:

  • Local and Global Growth: through the establishment of support for women and youth in line with the development of their full potential as South Africans and global citizens.
  • Future Growth of South Africa: by being active participants in change and betterments.
  • Growing Industry and the Economy: by partnering with sponsors that believe in the future possibilities of our country and people.
  • 4IR: by equipping individuals for the future world of work.
  • Morality and Work Ethics: through influencing positive morality, work ethics and honesty in society.

The Opportunity

An opportunity exists for corporate business to access a sponsorship opportunity by nominating a qualifying individual to participate in the future focused Disruptive Leadership development programme for either the Feb or May 2024 intakes.

By application, an organisation will receive the benefit of enrolling more individuals within their organisation through a SMO opportunity, a 1:1 funding match, where an organisation pays for one (individual) and The Trust pays for one. Every candidate an organisation enrolls (and pays for), they can apply for a matching (or funded) candidate to be sponsored by The Trust, provided the nominee meets the criteria as set out by The Women & Youth Empowerment Trust.

As The Women & Youth Empowerment Trust is a Public Benefit Organisation, corporates who wish to sponsor candidates may do so and gain access to an 18A certificate linked to the funding made available to The Trust for disbursement.  In the case of socio-economic benefit, preference will be given to female, youth candidates as set out in the mandate of The Trust.

Ultimately, participating organisations could either be applying for sponsorship to fund and further a skills development initiative, OR provide sponsorship funding, as part of their Socio-Economic Development agenda.

Together, we can make a difference in leadership development by preparing our youth for the future!

“People who are truly strong lift others up. People who are truly powerful bring others together.”

Michelle Obama


Candidates will qualify for the SMO, should they meet the following criteria:

  • Is a South African Citizen
  • Be under the age of 35, as prescribed by the National Youth Development Agency Act 54 of 2008.
  • Fulfill a management and/or leadership role with a minimum of 6-months experience in said position.
  • Employed at an organisation for the duration of the learning intervention.

Preference will be given to female, youth candidates as a key objective in The Trusts’ mandate.