How we focus our energy

Business Development Assistance

The WYE Trust works with organisations which choose to develop and enhance their business operation. The intent of Business Development Assistance is to craft Enterprise and Supplier Development Solutions that would be beneficial to all stakeholders.

To help facilitate this is the Omni Business Performance Solutions framework, delivered in partnership with Omni HR Consulting.

Some key objectives that we focus on are:

  • Delivering unique results-driven core products and specific solutions to the: Business Transformation, B-BBEE and Entrepreneurial Development market within South Africa.
  • Delivering holistic, full spectrum Business Performance Improvement solutions [profitability, growth, sustainability] to Enterprises.
  • The development of Entrepreneurial Skills.
  • Establishing Enterprise and Supplier Development Incubators to promote external empowerment and transformation agendas for initiators .


It is the intent of The WYE Trust to procure investment in business areas with growth potential as set out by the National Development Plan (NDP).

[Excerpt from the NDP] This plan envisions a South Africa where everyone feels free yet bounded to others; where everyone embraces their full potential, a country where opportunity is determined not by birth, but by ability, education and hard work. Realising such a society will require transformation of the economy and focused efforts to build the country’s capabilities. To eliminate poverty and reduce inequality, the economy must grow faster and in ways that benefit all South Africans. In particular, young people deserve better educational and economic opportunities, and focused efforts are required to eliminate gender inequality. Promoting gender equality and greater opportunities for young people are integrated themes that run throughout this plan.”

We therefore aim to work towards the support of a better South Africa through the following investment vehicles:

  • Funders – organisations that wish to provide funding for a specific purpose linked to the woman and youth development agenda of The WYE Trust. Funding will be managed via service level agreements and transparent reporting between the trust and the funder.
  • Donors – individuals or organisations who wishes to sponsor or co-sponsor a project and/or and individual that is a beneficiary of The WYE Trust.
  • Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Schemes – Broad-based Ownership Schemes “BBOS” will be considered and ratified through consultation and ensuring all legal requirements are met as set out by the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Commission.

Recruitment and Selection of Beneficiaries

We work in partnership with organisations to recruit and select suitable candidates for consideration in various agreed upon Skills Development Solutions. Candidates aptitude and their ability to become positive role players in the South African workforce is critical to the success.  Quality Education and prior work experience play an important role in South Africa’s labour market.  Most employers prefer employing those with previous work experience and unfortunately for many of our youth, acquiring work experience is a challenge, and makes it even more difficult to secure employment.  

Play a critical role in changing the narrative! Create positive social change by getting involved in either host, placement or employment opportunities for youth who have graduated from our programs.