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We are aware that we need to be an active contributor to the value-chain, one that helps all stakeholders achieve our collective responsibility towards developing a future South Africa we are all proud of.

Equity partnership

All efforts will be in line with the need to establish an equal and equitable society through:

    1. Training and Skills Development
    2. Guidance and Monitoring in practical situations
    3. Workplace Experience

Recruitment of people with the potential for training and the correct aptitude to become positive role players in the South African workforce.


  1. Monitoring
  2. Guidance and Monitoring

Our Partners

Omni HR Consulting (Omni) provides business and people development solutions through training and consulting services. Their primary focus is to provide customers both innovative, relevant and industry-related training and development solutions which will meet their skills development needs. Their credibility is based on the fact that they operate within the framework of the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) landscape. Omni is a Registered and Accredited Training Provider and Assessment Centre with various quality assurance bodies. Another key focus for Omni relates to their consulting services, which is based on understanding their customer’s businesses and key drivers. In consultation with their customers they craft solutions to address performance gaps based on their unique value proposition.
Omni Academy for Education, Training and Development is committed to providing quality Higher Education programmes through a blended delivery of learning which will include e-​Learning through distance learning platforms using an open-source platform and a video engagement platform which helps to increase the number of students, particularly those in employment and those in rural areas that have the available data enabled services, and not limited to a face-to-face interaction.